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The Morton Memorial Library in Pine Hill is located at 22 Elm Street, just up from the park.
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Morton Memorial Library
22 Elm Street
Pine Hill, NY 12465
Phone 845-254-4222
Fax 845-254-4222

About the Library:

The Morton Memorial Library was founded in 1903 and has the special features of a Greek Revival front, heavy stone construction, and an interesting half-round anteroom.

History of the Pine Hill Library

Library Budget:

Annual Reports:

Board of Trustees:

Katya Blitsman, President
Ashleigh Lovelace, Secretary
James Nevin, Treasurer
Patricia Wadsley
Michele Garner Brown
Don Myers

Board Meetings Dates

All board meetings start at 6 pm and are open to the public.
Minutes of previous meetings are available here.

Feb- 2/9/23
March- 3/9/23
April- 4/13/23
May- 5/11/23
June- 6/9/23
July- 7/13/23
Aug- 8/10/23
Sept- 9/14/23
Oct- 10/12/23
Nov- 11/9/23
Dec- 12/14/23

All meetings start at 6 pm and are open to the public


Director Gisi Vella

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